As was evident in the first few seconds after the light came on in the cinema, a large part of the spectators could not contain tears during some scenes. There are many such episodes in the film and they have been emphasized by a very successful, almost mystical soundtrack
The wonderful music that plays in the film is the result of the collaboration of the Ukrainian film studio Good Morning Film and the Italian soundtrack Logical Box. Music is one of the most powerful tools capable of transmitting human emotions.
Kruti 1918`` a well-chosen soundtrack, the music in the film often openly transports the scenes to a much higher emotional level, during some episodes some spectators in the hall were crying
Incredible music!
Iryna Tsytsak – Lviv Post
I really like the music that plays in the movie ``Kruty 1918``. So beautiful! The music was written by the talented Italian composer Marco Morini
In fact, you get real pleasure from the film, you perceive the film as a collection of fantastic videos with wonderful sound