What people say?

have had the pleasure of collaborating with Marco many times over the years. We have recently worked on the project "La Divina Commedia VR", short films in CG produced by ETT spa and distributed by RAI Cinema. Marco is endowed with an extraordinary talent and an uncommon technical competence but he also has the ability to put all of it at the service of the production, completely entering into harmony with the direction and sensitively grasping its most profound aspects. Music does not simply accompany the images, but becomes a source of inspiration. This has made it possible to create a work in which music and visual become two entwined elements of a single narrative and blend perfectly, enhancing each other.
Federico Basso
Marco is an extraordinary artist and composer capable of powerfully translating into music the visual suggestions we have created in our projects
Adele Magnelli, International, ETT S.p.A. Gruppo Sai
Project manager
Kruti 1918`` a well-chosen soundtrack, the music in the film often openly transports the scenes to a much higher emotional level, during some episodes some spectators in the hall were crying
In fact, you get real pleasure from the film, you perceive the film as a collection of fantastic videos with wonderful sound
I really like the music that plays in the movie ``Kruty 1918``. So beautiful! The music was written by the talented Italian composer Marco Morini
Incredible music!
Iryna Tsytsak
Lviv Post